In 2023 we held a fair launch on BSC that did a 150x

Starting MC: $30,000

ATH MC: $4,500,000

Devs spent spent over $200,000 on marketing the project

Currently, Crazy Bunny BSC has:

8500+ holdersAds in New York Time Square

Several partnerships:

BabyDoge advertised by Elon MuskBitcoinLFG MagazineOGGYAvadex

Most importantly, a large community and loyal community that believes in us!

All these results were achieved on BSC and during a bear market! We're ready to take over SOLANA and smash our previous targets with the bull on our side this time!

We have prepared something very special for you and we want everyone in the community to further benefit from being a part of the Crazy Bunny collective!

This is the dev Chop Chop! I want to say thank you guys thank you everyone for your trust i love you!

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About the project

Fast growing community

Contract 2ncKzZN6b2GbwWZVxQ4Q7nRQZbzqaR61MXrp4J7VE4Zj

It strives to become the most beloved and successful project by adhering to all market standards and surpassing all indicators.

The community of Crazy Bunny is robust and supportive, encouraging each other to succeed. Unlike fraudulent projects that have eroded people's trust in the market, Crazy Bunny aims to restore this trust and ensure the safety of investors.


Our token economics

Token nameCrazyBunny
Total supply420,690,000,000,000
8% CEX8% KOLs

Helping animals

Helping Animals Together

We have chosen a rabbit as the character for our NFT because it is the year of the rabbit and we want to commemorate this important occasion while drawing attention to our mission.

A portion of the earnings from our NFT will be directed towards helping animals. We believe that this is not only our responsibility but also an opportunity to do something truly beneficial for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

We believe that our project can serve as an example of how technology can be used for the greater good of all living beings on Earth. We invite everyone to join our mission and help us achieve our goal of making the world a better place for all living creatures.


Road map

Our goals for the near future

We've established numerous objectives and are steadily making progress towards achieving them. For simplicity, we've divided our goals into four distinct blocks.

  • Website
  • 6000 telegram members
  • 4500 twitter members
  • Presale
  • Listing
  • CMC/CG
  • Marketing
  • 5000 holders
  • Create NFTs
  • Initial CEX listing
  • Staking NFT
  • Influencers marketing partnerships
  • 12000 telegram members
  • 10000 twitter members
  • 15000 holders
  • CrazyBunny SWAP
  • CrazyBunny Burrow
  • Event Tokyo